About Us

Flak Current line-up:-

Captain Rizz: Vocals Drums
Mark Vandal: guitars, backing vox
Carsick Col: bass: Vocals
Fiona Fefifofun: VJ visuals 
Sez, Vocals,clarinet,synth

Occasionally: Juan Carlos ( bass), Odette ( Vocals) ,Polly: bass, backing voxLayla: Vocals 


Flak was formed in 2012 with captain Rizz (Hawkwind, Pyramids of Snafu, Hotsteppers, Cptn Rizz band) and Darren E (Hotsteppers) on the guitars. We soon added Mark after jamming at Scar Studios in Camden (Siment, 12 Volt Vandals) additional guitar and Gav E on da bass and started rehearsing (and playing) . Currently rehearse Mark’s living room (through Logic) and DSI in Tottenham.

This followed with the lineup of Rizz, Darren, Mark and Juan (Mayday, Sunman Knockout) doing squat and pub gigs and benefits around London including with legendary punk sound system Reknaw, Hackney Wicked, and at the London memorial ( where Juan stepped in with no notice to play bass) and Brisfest Crowstage for Gary DS

The line-up has been quite fluid and there have been some interruptions 🙂 Previous members have included Oliver on guitar and electronics (2014) and Eva  on vocals.